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Luxurious Living, you deserve

In an age where the world is spinning fast and prosperity is expanding everywhere, people’s way of life has changed in every dimension. The phrase “condo in the heart of the city” is something that everyone pursues. But not every place can give you what you are looking for. Only “THE STRAND” defies all housing constraints, improves quality of life, and increases property value without deterioration. Let every touch feel like home in the city that we want.

The STRAND is ready to give you what “true life” is…


The author spent a day wandering in the nostalgic atmosphere. Thonglor’s atmosphere is one of energy. If you think carefully, you will know that this word is very profound. People we’ve met, talked to, listened to, and exchanged ideas with are stimuli in our lives. In many places, you can get a taste of good food. I listened to the beautiful music and saw the light and beauty of the world at night. Thonglor is a place where you can indulge all of your senses.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that “Thonglor” has its own culture. A potential location that attracts charm from around the world and finds perfection in one place, such as fine dining establishments, uses high-quality ingredients that please both those who create them and those who consume them. There is a famous hangout community where you can socialize with Thai and foreigners. There is also a showroom for various imported products. They all want to open the first branch in Thailand, whether it’s a car brand, furniture, or technology equipment. Or will it be the atmosphere of everyday life? Let’s switch to some supermarkets. There are fresh products from many nationalities throughout Asia, Europe, and America to choose from until you are dazzled.

Not to mention the alleys where major organizations, such as educational institutions, nursing homes, and offices, are located; all are in international formats. filled with top personnel and quality experts in various fields. They all go around working and living in this area.

The Thonglor Road line, which runs for about 2 kilometers from the beginning of the alley next to Bangkok’s main economic train line (Green Line), has brought prosperity, passion, and a way of life to an end.

The identity of Thonglor is interesting. Therefore, it is not surprising that anyone crossed over wanting to live here.

The STRAND Thonglor

This residential residence stands majestically at the beginning of the road. Like a good host who welcomes visitors from all over the world, no matter who walks by, I can’t take my eyes off The author is the same. Maybe because of the eye-catching design of the building, with alternating glass windows throughout the building that look modern but control the tone with light brown shades. reminiscent of the preservation style of buildings seen in New York City. This is a design work from HB Design, PIA Interior, and TROP Landscape. If anyone follows, you will know that the selected designs are at the worldwide level.

and even more inviting when the project has a coffee shop with a good atmosphere. The taste of luxury is located in the front of the project’s shady area. Even though I was in a hurry, I felt like taking a break for a while. and asked to learn a little more. How does this residential condo live?

Project Details

The project was developed by a joint venture between One.Six Development Co., Ltd. and Magnolia Quality Development Corporation when two experts from each side met. One is the strongest project developer in Thailand’s real estate rankings; another is an ideological pioneer from a country known as the most expensive land in the world until they produced what life’s most valuable “condominium in the heart of the city” is.

The STRAND is located on an area of more than 1 rai, 30-storey building with 188 units.

The STRAND, condo in the heart of the city, defies all housing constraints, improves quality of life, and increases property value without deterioration

Let’s start with the bottom of the building, which was chosen as a commercial facilities area with the idea that it is a neighboring society area that supports all lifestyles in the same fenced house. Whether it’s a restaurant or a conference room, they can support every occasion. Each restaurant is carefully selected to match the tastes of the residents, such as All-day Dining, Speakeasy Bar, Business Lounge & Working Space, and The Strand Park.

The combination of these two styles serves both function and relationship and is unique to Thonglor culture.

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In-Unit Highlights

Khun Tanya-Tanyatip Chearavanont, CEO and founder of One. Six Development and head of The STRAND, outlined project design ideas to meet the needs of people living with her direct experience. She was all set to tell us her story.

From the outside, go into the inside details. Although Thonglor is known to never stop living, this condo in the heart of the city still creates peace and maintains the balance of urban life without interruption. With Ms. Tanya’s layout design, the living room, or “great room,” becomes the main area of the house, the room where family members will sit and talk and live together in the house the most. Therefore, the layout is square and easy to decorate. and efficient use of space

The project’s one-bedroom size starts at 48–55 sq. m., which is hard to find in newer projects. To create a large room like this, The Strand, on the other hand, pays attention to the room layout because of the ideology of real living rather than focusing on creating a project that is only worth the business. They are pushing the boundaries of living; return to the simplicity of living.

Living Room

The overall design of the room focuses on light and neutral tones. Get a minimal vibe but packed with luxurious materials, which is the foundation of timeless elegance. Make the value of the apartment permanent, with a height of more than 3 meters from floor to ceiling and designed with glass walls around the entire room. It makes the overall atmosphere of the room look airy and wide and catches the eye with a beautiful city view that is pleasant to look at all around.

This glass material is called laminated IGU (insulated glass unit), an insulated glass that allows light to pass through without increasing the temperature in the room in any way. It also prevents outside noise. It is considered a great feature. It helps in saving energy consumption and being friendly to the environment as well.

Furniture is considered to be the main element of the house. It is another art of living. It’s not something you can buy and put wherever you want. But Khun Tanya, the leader of the STRAND, has shared a principle idea with us about how every piece of furniture must convey emotions and that visual perceptions also respond to each other (harmonize interior decorating). The STRAND understands this point. As a result, select three well-known and distinctive furniture designers. The creation of meticulous work that matches the concept of a particular project, such as Chanintr, Boundary, and Villa Vinotto, is guaranteed not to be found anywhere else.

Villa Vinotto
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When talking about the electrical system and various electrical appliances, the project has installed home automation to connect all systems into one device, including controlling the lighting at every point of the house and the air conditioner. They use the ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) system to exchange air circulation for quality, and they also connect the system to the concierge to support services and trust in safety 24 hours a day.


The design focuses on clean white tones. even if it’s a messy area. But with the Caesarstone stone top material, it is a food-grade material, with the outstanding feature being that it will not damage the surface or leave any stains. for electrical equipment The project chooses to use standard quality international brands such as Gaggenau, Siemens, Franke, and built-in refrigerators, along with designing kitchen functions to have large storage cabinets to support full use.


With every layout, there are well-designed wet and dry zones. Make the living space appear to be in place. Sort the usage, and you first meet the right-sized washbasin until you get to the toilet, the shower area, and the bathtub area, which have features with glass walls. Sexy Bath is equipped with leading sanitary ware from Toto and Grohe, which are considered the top in the industry. Increase the convenience of urban lifestyles with various automatic sensor systems.


An important area of the house that refreshes the body has a large area next to the living room. To enhance energy and a sense of freedom while relaxing at the same time. In terms of design, a large wardrobe is concealed within the entire wall, which is a functional area. You can have space to walk around easily. The floor plan accommodates a large bed frame without narrowing the space at all.

Similarly, the STRAND creates 2-bedroom and 2-bedroom duplex units with an area of 73–110 sq.m. and 3-bedroom (penthouse) units with an area of 184 sq.m. to accommodate new-generation families who prefer city living. The overall design and specification will have the same format as the 1-bedroom, but some functions have been modified, such as the size of the locker or the electrical appliance model, to accommodate the use of the larger family as well.

Residential Facilities

The design of the project has access points from both Soi Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor) and Soi Sukhumvit 57 as an alternative for residents, with every point having a clearly separated security system. You can be confident that the project developer has foreseen and thought about it, including how to manage it. Separate the proportion from outsiders who come to use the service in the commercial area, even if they are located in the project. But it does not affect the lives and privacy of the residents perfectly.

It is The STRAND’s intention to design the residential lobby area to be suitable for important business in a short time. Because every convenience is handled directly to the suite by the concierge receptionist, with an emphasis on privacy in all activities, common areas are located on every level of the building.

There is no project that can invest so much in providing a good quality of life if it is not “The STRAND”

The project also has a Playroom and Tutor Room on the 6th floor for enhancing the development of students, and separate other leisure activities at the Clubhouse on the 27th floor and the rooftop, consisting of the Living Room, designed with simple mood woodwork combined with lighting design and warm colors to create great relaxation, and the Swimming Pool, where guests still feel like they are in the pool of a luxury hotel. Change from home to vacation in the same place, the Putting Green for golfers looking for a place to practice by themselves at home, the Sauna Room, the Meditation Studio, and the Fitness Center, where the author also has to say “Wow!” with equipment from Technogym, a high-end fitness brand from Italy. I have seen many projects, but very few projects will be graded “premium”. Only this project provided the most innovative designs. According to the wellness lifestyle concept, advanced technology is packed into a single device.

The concept is simple, but the taste of living is striking. Responding to the new advanced world, both the Automated Parking system, which supports up to 103%, and the EV charging station are in one place.

Property 101 Thailand with Khun Suthida Sirawong, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of One.Six Development Co.,Ltd.

There is no project that can invest so much in providing a good quality of life if it is not “THE STRAND”.

Khun Tanyatip Chearavanon’s intention and vision on behalf of the project developer are crucial in conveying and seamlessly connecting the style of urban life. She creates a new dimension in the real estate industry. Upgrading is not just a matter of residence, but access to the home you are looking for.

Finding the value of life starts at THE STRAND.

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Photographer: Pitiporn Jutisiriwatana
Content Creator: M.S. SOFIA

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