Property consultant and Property agent business performance Q3 2023

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Collaborative Business Model x Trusted Partnership

Ms. Pirunin Wannawong, Managing Director of Property 101 Thailand and Lux Living Bangkok, a Marketing, Sales and Customer Management consulting company and the agent of all types of real estate; including houses, condominiums, and land, reveal operating results after the third quarter of 2023, with business growth of approximately 400% compared to last year during the same period.

After every business sectors went through the COVID-19 crisis a fews years ago, the real estate sector was affected no less than other business sectors. Most products and services have adjusted in a downward direction, but this year it has been clear signs of a positive adjustment.

“Property 101 Thailand’s business is designed to serve as a consultant to both domestic and international developers. But during the past year, we have expanded our business with the brand Lux Living Bangkok which will take care of and act as an Agent for Sales, Resales and Leasing. This is due to the needs of the market both corporates and individuals,” Ms. Pirunin said.

“As the market condition has adjusted during COVID-19 causing both corporates, investors, and individuals have interests in our services and want us to provide services in this section. We have to thank you everyone for trusting us. And that has made us lunched the Brand Extension like Lux Living Bangkok. Agent business plays a huge part in making our business growth” added Ms. Pirunin.

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But in 2023, when the market began to recover, Property 101 Thailand and Lux Living Bangkok adjusted their business models to be more flexible. By taking part in consulting work and distributors at the same time. Working in this way creates more Holistic Collaboration.

“It is like a Joint Venture model. We can create a business model that is more suitable for corporate customers with different needs. Whether it’s a Professional Fee base where we play a greater role in marketing, sales, and customer management or a Commission Fee base where we help managing sales. It should be an era where we need to create more Trusted Partnerships in our work,” Ms. Pirunin concludes. “I think this is the perfect deal for Collaborative Business Model.”

During the past 3 quarters, the company has come to take care of a variety of projects including: Ultra Luxury, Super Luxury, Luxury, and Mid Range. We have provided consulting services for a total of 8 projects, and sale, resales, and leasing in many projects totaling more than 65 units.

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Property 101 Thailand under the concept of “Only the Best” and Lux Living Bangkok under the brand idea of “It’s All Right” have contact channels as follows:

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Tel.: 093-515-8897

Line id: @luxlivingbangkok (with @) or https://lin.ee/BmmNeU8

WhatsApp: +66 93 5158897

Content Creator: Pitiporn Jutisiriwatana

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