Why does Thailand attract foreign investors?

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After the years 2019–2020, there are important events that the world must remember a great deal. We cannot deny or ignore these events at all. Both the trade war and nature caused a global economic downturn, and the epidemic count is the heaviest.

How, then, does the lesson from these stories always create new opportunities? depending on who sees what.

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If you learn from the past crises, you will find that we are one of the countries with the potential for peaceful coexistence. There is a management system for being in a coping situation.

Obviously… Thailand has always been ranked among the top destinations voted on by travelers from around the world, but from now on we will no longer be limited to just the tourism business. but will see the growth of the real estate sector, investment, and relocation And the place of residence of retirees will be taken into account to select “Thailand” as a target again.

Property 101 Thailand analyzes why Thailand is trusted as the first choice as follows:

How do foreigners buy condos? Property 101 has answers for you!

1. The friendly nature of Thai people

“The Land of Smiles” or “Yim Siam” is an important attraction that all foreigners accept as one vote. As the definition of Thailand

Thais are born with this charm. It can be done without embellishment. The hospitality, generosity, and assistance of Thai people can be communicated immediately. There’s no need for language barriers to get in the way. and do so in a friendly manner.

as an example of friendship through crises that Thai villagers are willing to help provide accommodation and food to foreign victims who cannot return to their country during Lock Down.

real estate growth, investment, and relocation Retirees will choose "Thailand" as a target again.

2. Freedom

Another early reputation in which foreigners banded together to pour points for. And it is an important strength that has advantages over other nations, namely freedom. Openness of society, race, religion, and gender liberty (LGBT) without strict rules including the government’s support for a draft plan to promote equality at the national level as well, so that everyone can live happily together.

as an example of cultural openness that can be easily influenced and adapted to global trends.

3. Affordability of living expenses

Thailand is known for cheap things. Travel costs are not high, and food is not expensive because Thailand is a breadbasket agricultural country that can produce itself, so the production cost is not high. In addition, the baht is not very strong. value of different currencies received after currency exchange can make mid- to high-level tourists live in Thailand for months.

Including luxury seaside condos. Tourist cities such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, or Krabi are much cheaper. when compared to condos at the same level in foreign countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, or Japan.

Luxury condo much cheaper value when compared to condos at the same level in foreign countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, or Japan.

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4. โครงสร้างพื้นฐานครบถ้วน

Is the basic system required for survival, with government agencies in charge of all controls? because it’s not a for-profit organization. So there is cheap control. comprehensive public service and meeting all standard criteria, consisting of

– Energy systems, such as gas, petroleum, and electricity, are accessible to every household.

– The water management system is clean and safe, with dams to reserve water and prevent flooding.

– Telecommunications systems, the Internet, and the development of increasingly popular postal delivery systems.

-Garbage disposal and recycling system according to the eco-friendly trend that the whole world joins in campaigning for

-Transportation systems, such as highways, roads, trains, planes, and ships, have been developed and updated to be modern and comprehensive.

In fact, we may encounter some problems in some areas, for example, on the old Thai trains. but the good project developing the “Thailand-China high-speed train” is accelerating the construction according to the plan more concretely. or electric train projects that gradually launch new stations It helps facilitate travel for both Thais and foreigners. Keep it simple and streamlined.

5. Excellent public health system

Thailand is famous for its medicine. Until being accepted on the world stage for a long time because there is a hospital system that is not complicated, highly competent medical personnel. They are also allowed to buy medicines at the pharmacy themselves in the case of minor illnesses. without a prescription and have a pharmacist give the correct advice.

Another accomplishment that makes Thailand’s name known around the world is the control of epidemic diseases that Thai public health can handle effectively when compared to other countries. And it was considered quite successful.

therefore increasing the number of points for a large number of foreigners who agreed to fly to Thailand for treatment in exchange for maintaining international standards, service, and a more economical price. Especially the retirement age, which requires the supervision of a doctor and a nurse.Instead, choose to spend your final days here.

Thailand is famous for its medicine. As a result, few foreigners choose to spend their retirement years here. 

6. Nature is beautiful.

All natural resources and the environment of Thailand Sea, mountains, waterfalls, temples, and city buildings all have their own distinct charms. Tourist attractions, street food, and so on, as well as each location or province’s ability to travel not far. Therefore, the destination is Bangkok and other provinces, and foreigners like quality tourism. It is convenient to travel, diverse, and truly relaxing. 

7. The best service

From the well-known tourism industry, which includes other customer-related businesses, impressive service has been a priority, as if to create engagement for customers to return and visit frequently. Therefore, it is more worthwhile if foreign tourists have the idea of buying a second home here.

8. Familiar with Chinese ancestry

Thai people of Chinese descent can be said to be the largest group of all populations. Therefore, culture, food, and language should familiarize them with Chinese tourists, who are the world’s largest purchasing power group. Choose Thailand as the first target. because it is simple to adapt from the original location.

9. Supporting government policies

As for the real estate sector, Thailand has always opened up investment opportunities for foreigners, for example, through ownership ratios of 49 percent, using a tourist visa to buy condos, uncomplicated foreign currency transfers, and promoting credit for foreigners. as well as making investment, resale, and rental easier than in other countries.

10. Innovation moves forward

when many factors combine Real estate development companies in Thailand are full. create good projects. with modern innovations inserted in the form of apartments and project centers in order to properly respond to the lives of different groups of people, including urban people, business people (Gen X), new generations (Gen Millenial, Gen Z), and retirees (Baby Boomers).

As a result, the reputation of Thai housing is at the forefront.and continue to move forward for a good quality of life for everyone.

These qualities of readiness can turn a crisis into an opportunity. Thailand can remain in the number one position for a long time.

Content Creator: M.S. SOFIA

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