Q 1 Sukhumvit Life from imagination to reality

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The Emblem of Luxurious Life

The phrase “super luxury residences,” which everyone seems to be implying, could simply be a fictitious image. But there will be few people who understand the essence and can interpret the meaning clearly, go into detail, and focus on every element to make this a reality. When it comes to Q 1 Sukhumvit, the word “luxury” may be underused, but it’s the elegance that deserves it.


First Impression

This large project on an area of more than 3 rai catches the eye of passersby with its golden image in the heart of the city. Located close to the BTS Sky-train economic Sukhumvit line, Nana station, which connects from the project to the station. This station is considered a strategic location in the heart of the business district. Access Wireless Road and head to Sathorn in just a few minutes. Next to leading department stores such as Siam Paragon, Gaysorn Plaza, or Central Embassy which most of the world-class brandname always launch a new collection at this mall first. It also has important places in the vicinity. That is a national landmark, such as an international school ranked in the top 5 of the country or Bumrungrad Hospital International, which has received international standards that foreigners praise and trust. And the new highlight of Bangkok, such as the Benjakiti Forest Park, a big project with a green area of over 450 rai, is a new recreational park in the heart of the city, especially for urbanists.

The project is surrounded by a complete family life. Once life starts in a good location, it will be happy. Quality of life is the answer to Q 1 Sukhumvit.

Direct link to the Nana BTS Sky-train Station
Main Entrance closed to Sukhumvit Road

Project Detail

This top project is a masterpiece by Quality House PLC, a leading project developer. fully experienced in both low-rise and high-rise projects throughout Bangkok, the perimeter, and major Thai cities. Cover all levels of the buyer group until they fully understand what the residents really need.

This high-rise condo has a height of 40 floors and a total of 273 units, supporting a maximum of 625 parking spaces, or 228%, which is rare to double this maximum. In addition, every unit also fixes the parking space specified as the area in the title deed. Even in the form of high-rise condominiums, management principles can be handled professionally, just like a single house. 

The author was cordially invited to visit this CBD condo. When every member of staff passing by says hello, they act as if they are hostesses who extend goodwill everywhere and offer advice at nearly every point of the common area. Starting from the entrance, the design of the project has a security system to create peace of mind for the residents as the first welcome. Followed by green areas and various landscape works in front of the project. They are all designed by Shma, a well-known designer who guarantees the completion of numerous projects.

The Emblem of Luxurious Life at Q 1 Sukhumvit

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Only a central location in the city is not enough. Professionals as Q 1 Sukhumvit therefore show the ability leading the real estate industry. Create a strikingly beautiful condo with a homey atmosphere, an elegant design, and a grand. Full of good life qualities and a good society, not inferior to anyone.

In-Unit Highlights

A top-level project on this Sukhumvit line was designed by Palmer & Turner. There is an entrance that is retracted from the main road, creating an area for the front of the project to look grand and a drop-off area that can accommodate dozens of morning residents. Cars are not a traffic problem in the area at all. The lobby is a wide area with a ceiling height of 8.7 meters, decorated with white tones as the main concept. before decorating with a large set of furniture and beautiful chandeliers. Get mesmerizing eyes and feel free at the same time.

Every piece of furniture has a modern luxury design and is furnished in monochrome. Every area is the heart of the design work. concentrating on smooth colors that are powerful and meaningful rather than flashy. Connect from the project model to each unit without interruption.

Main Lobby
Hallway to BTS Sky-train
Luxurious Facilities

Living Room

The intention of the project was to create a condo with a homey atmosphere. The unit size ranges from 92-125 sqm for two bedrooms to 353 sqm for the highest penthouse.

The living room is the main area of the house. Allocate a clear zone between the living room and dining room, plus walk-in shoe storage. There is a standard sales model of a fully fitted, complete set of built-ins with necessary electrical appliances in the kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobe. The white floor draws attention to the overall appearance, which also has a ceiling height of 3 meters. Including a high level of glass from floor to ceiling makes the room appear larger, receiving more light and airiness.

Living Room
Dinning Room
Walk-In Shoe Storage

All air conditioners are Ceiling Concealed Type from Mitsubishi. They provide a home automation system for temperature and lighting control and a VDO Door Phone to communicate with the concierge 24 hours a day.

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Living Room


The kitchen is in the same area as the living room. Encourage family activities to have a close gathering. Q 1 Sukhumvit selects premium-grade materials for all in the European kitchen, with an island to increase the placement of belongings. Providing a sink from Blanco, an electric stove, oven, dishwasher, and a built-in refrigerator from Siemens under the Modern Kitchen design from Poggenpohl, all of which are original brands from Germany.

There is also a Thai kitchen area to support as well. If anyone wants to cook some food in Thai style, they can use the space fully. Preventing both smell and sound with quality materials from Teka and a ventilation system outside the entire project.

And in this same area, it is still the back of the house area, with a maid’s room, a laundry room, a storage room with a large functional cabinet. and a wide balcony for general-purpose use.

European Kitchen
Back of House


The room layout of all units will be in a square format. Makes the arrangement of furniture and decoration all fall into place. And still be able to use the space to the fullest. Complemented with a large walk-in closet, the overall appearance is similar to that of a living room. The difference is that Q 1 Sukhumvit uses wooden floors, especially in the bedroom area. Because the concept of woodworking often conceals the meaning of warmth, it gives a feeling of relaxation and calm.

The curtain rails inside the room are beautifully hidden. Along with the high-rise glass, Low-E material helps to prevent both heat and noise from the outside as well.


Master Bedroom


Luxury in the bathroom It’s not just the design of the floor and walls of natural stone Supergenti Gray, which is a light tone as a concept. But also full of sanitary ware: the Toto Washlet, the world’s first smart toilet with remote control; faucets and shower equipment from Grohe; a bathtub and shower screen from Kasch, a famous German brand as well.

Bathroom design style is not different from the main concept that focuses on spaciousness. Even in the bathroom, the feeling is the same with a design that has a large glass window that makes us feel airy. Clean white tone and brightness from nature that can be accessed.

Master Bathroom

Residential Facilities

The Q symbol from the front and top of the project indicates the definition of “The Emblem of Luxurious Life” very well. This peak of the building is also a common area, like a view point in Bangkok. Just the most unique thing that only residents of this project can see.

The first common area is located on the 9th floor, and all rooms are connected to allow us to walk between them and use them continuously. The inevitable highlight is the large swimming pool, measuring 27.4×9 meters, close to the half-Olympic size, which is hard to find in a CBD condo. Connected to the residence lounge and multi-purpose room. The atmosphere is like a luxury hotel. Through the design from Interior Vision, controlling luxury with bright gold tones, and the lighting design with decorative furniture, it has a deep dimension.

The Ultimate Living is only available at Q 1 Sukhumvit

For the fitness center and yoga room, Cybex exercise equipment is used, a leading brand from the United States. There are also steam, sauna, and jacuzzi zones, where every location will have staff to help ensure safety and pay attention to every quality of life.

Another point in the common area is on the 40th floor or rooftop. We can see the atmosphere all around the city, a 360-degree view, right in front of our eyes. The project accommodates spa and onsen rooms with the same vibe as Japan. There is a small garden where you can sit and relax, and there is also a Sky Lounge that can host parties. Social activities among friends or at a private party are not difficult to do.

Fitness Center
Swimming Pool
Sky Garden

Many times, I have to ask myself whether I am walking in a condominium, a house, or a hotel in the same place. The atmosphere is different. because the image that can be touched by the eyes is transmitted through the environment. Sending good wishes through society from the host and neighbors, and it is finally recognized by those who live here. Although many people think that Sukhumvit Road never sleeps and is vibrant day and night, as soon as I stepped into the project, what came out was incredibly calm and warm.

There are not many condos where we can say with full confidence what “Super Luxury Residences” really are. The meaning of the ultimate location connecting to main transport routes, design and decoration styles, and space allocated for living that increase confidence, trust, and safety. Ultimate Living is only available at Q 1 Sukhumvit, one of the CBD condominiums.

For Sale: Contact Khun Gift Pirunin Wannawong (+66) 093-515-8897

Photographer: Pitiporn Jutisiriwatana
Content Creator: M.S. SOFIA

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